T.H.C. x Oil Slick “Signature Pattern” Slick Pad


7 x 9 Oil Slick Dab Pad with black & yellow T.H.C. signature pattern


We’ve teamed up with the Official Oil Slick brand to create two unique Tahoe Honey Company 7 x 9 Oil Slick Dab Pads. This slick pad is embellished with our original “Signature Pattern” in black and yellow along with the official Oil Slick emblem transparent, in the lower right corner.

Oil Slick invented the medical grade dab pad. The slick pad was their first award-winning product back in 2007 and it is still the best dab pad of choice for OG’s and new dabbers alike. These slick pads are easy to clean with a little rubbing alcohol when oil gets where it’s not supposed to be. Offer a safer place to rest your heady dab rig, choice bong or favorite glass spoon on those hard surfaces! @OilSlick @TahoeHoneyCompanyCA

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